About me



Hello there


Thanks for dropping by to read this little bio 


I am a lincolnshire born & bred girl whose main aim in life is to photograph love, life & create memories 


I have been photographing for over 8 years, what once was a hobby is now my favourite job in the entire world! I am a UK based photographer, but also a destination photographer, I am happy to travel anywhere life takes me with my Nikon in hand!


My aim is to capture your life as I see it, I am a 'story telling' documentary photographer. Informal, real and most of all - FUN 


I believe photos should show the real YOU, not just posed photos in front of a camera. Who can see your personality if you're just smiling awkwardly hey?!


I ony take up to 25 wedding bookings a year, and then fill winter months with family & lifestyle photoshoots. I am fully booked for 2019, 2020 and half full 2021... so please book early to avoid dissapointment. 


I promise I will make having your photo taken the most fun & light hearted experience... I actually quite dislike my photo being taken (hence being behind the camera not infront of it ... ) so I always make you fully comfortable throughout - pinky promise!!


Check out my PORTFOLIO, INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK to see more of my style


Anyway that'll do... but honestly if you were wanting to know more or meet me for a coffee before booking i'd absolutely love that. I can often be found with a Latte in hand


Natalie ♡